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     H-JTAG is an ARM toolkit designed by the H-JTAG team. The toolkit includes H-JTAG Server, H-Flasher and H-JTAG USB emulator, which support both the debugging and flash programming for different ARM platforms. 
     With years of devotion and effort, H-JTAG has become one of the most popular debugging and programming tools for ARM processors and is widely used in research, development and production. Has been proven by large number of users around the world, H-JTAG is an powerful and reliable toolkit that you can rely on.


H-JTAG Features:

- Support wide range of ARM processors: ARM7, ARM9, ARM11, XSCALE, PXA3XX, CORTEX-M0 and CORTEX-M3.
- Support all the popular IDEs: ADS1.2, IAR, KEIL/MDK and RVDS2.2.
- Support flexible target initialization.
- Support both THUMB and ARM mode.
- Support Little-Endian and Big-Endian.
- Support Windows platforms: NT, 2000, XP, VISTA and WINDOWS7.
- Support LPT port, provide a low cost and reliable solution.
- Support H-JTAG USB emulator, provide a reliable and high-performance solution.

H-FLASHER Features:

 - Support OnChip Flash, Nor Flash, SPI Flash and Nand Flash.
- Support auto flash download during debugging.
- Support flexiable initialization of target.
- Support automatic verification during programming.
- Support second verification after programming.
- Support auto reset operation after programming.
- Support the configuration of security/encryption.
- Support smart mode to keep the data out of the programming
  address space intact.
- Support plain binary format and intel hex format.
- Support the save and load of project file.
- Support production mode for maximum efficiency.
- Accept customized service for different application.

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