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Release H-JTAG V2.1 (Build20120215) Author£º H-JTAG Source£º H-JTAG Time£º 2012-3-23      Release H-JTAG V2.1 (Build20120215). This latest version comes with lots of improvements. All the users are recommended to upgrade to this version. The new features including

1. Provide flexible NAND FLASH programming, which supports page reading/dumping, oob processing and the programming of YAFFS2.
2. Support the debugging & programming of Hi3511/3512/3515 from HiSilicon.
3. Improve the processing of MMU for ARM926EJ-S in debug mode.
4. Improve the stability and compatibility for KEIL/MDK.
5. Improve the production mode for efficient programming.

Download Link: H-JTAG V2.1 (Click to download)

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