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     Thank you for your interest in H-JTAG products. Please follow the steps listed below for purchasing.

Basic Information:

Account Info:
Sales Contacts:
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Tel: +86-10-58409379   Email: sales@hjtag.com                                

Step-1: Select Product

     You can find all the useful information about our products on our website, which includes introductions, features and pricing. All these will help you to make your decision easily. If you need any further information, you can also contact our sales representative directly.

Step-2: Put Order

     After you make your decision, please send your order to our sales representative (sales@hjtag.com). Our sales represnetative will confirm the order with you. If you have any special requirement about the shipping, you can also let us know.

Step-3: Make Payment

     We accept paypal, credit card and and direct bank transfer for all the purchases and orders. After your order has been confirmed, please let us know how do you want to make the payment. We will send the payment request to you based on your payment option. Meanwhile, please provide your shipping address to us.

Step-4: Arrange Shipment

     After the payment has been confirmed, we will arrange the shipment within 2-3 workding days. We will infrom you the tracking number when it is ready. So, you can track the status online.



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